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Spot Card Game For Kids

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The popular game of visual perception for the whole family!!Spot it! is the addictive, feverishly fun matching games for every generation.

Main Features

  • Test Your Skills!Test your observational skills and hone your reflexes with the gameplay of Spot it!, a game of lightning-fast choices for a group of two to eight players. With dozens of possible versions, Spot it! has become a global phenomenon.

  • Fun, Circular Cards!The game functions on a simple mechanic - 55 circular cards, each of which features a number of symbols and has exactly one of those symbols in common with every other card in the deck.

  • For Grown-Ups, too!Our grown-up players can also find Spot it! in versions of their favorite activities, Camping, Splash and Fishing, and for a greater challenge, Spot it! Fire & Ice with an interactive timer and new and challenging mini-games.

  • One - And Only One - Match!The first thing to know about Spot it! is that there is always one, and only one, matching symbol between any two cards. Got it? Now all you need is a sharp eye and a quick hand to play all five party games packed into the grab 'n' got in.

  • Spot it! is Fast and Fun!Spot it! is a cinch to learn, plays fast, and is irresistibly fun for all ages. Between any two cards there is always one and only one matching symbol. Spot it fast to win!

  • Think Fast!Once you 'spot', the fun doesn't stop. Simple to learn, a challenge to win. Think Fast! There is always one icon that matches between every card. Find them fast!

  • Five Ways to Play!Five challenging ways to play for hours of frenzied fun for 2 to 8 players. Develops focus, visual perception skills, speech-language skills, and fine motor skills.Includes cards and illustrated rules in a durable travel-size tin. Brands may vary.


  • Player: 2-5 players
  • Ages: over 5 years old
  • Card number: 30 cards/ 31 cards/ 55 cards (based on different style)
  • Card size: approx diameter 80mm

The Package Includes

  • Spot Card*1